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USA Sprinkler Fitters hosts its 3rd Annual Congressional Reception in Washington, DC
[5/11/2011] - The USA Sprinkler Fitters Association hosts another successful annual reception in Washington, DC.  Guests included members of the United Association, fire officials, leaders from major fire service organizations, and members of Congress and their staff.  It was a night of networking and comradery.  more

Regulating Sprinkler Fitters: Controversy or Common Sense
[5/24/2010] - Certification and licensing equates to skills, knowledge, experience and qualification.  The USA Sprinkler Fitters Association supports Sprinkler Fitter Certification and Licensing link

USA Sprinkler Fitters Association Hosts its 2nd Annual Congressional Reception
[4/20/2010] - USA Sprinkler Fitters Association hosted its 2nd Annual Congressional Reception at 101 Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC.  Representatives of various fire and trade organizations attended, as did members of Congress for an evening of networking.  (See Photo Gallery) more

Press Release: USA Sprinkler Fitters take on the NAHB over Residential Fire Sprinklers
[3/8/2010] - Click here to read link

California Adopts IRC Residential Sprinkler Requirement, Effective January 1, 2011
[1/12/2010] - Today, the California Building Standards Commission approved a recommendation from the California State Fire Marshal's Office to adopt the IRC residential sprinkler requirement, effective January 1, 2011.  The Sprinkler Fitters Association of California (SFAC) participated in the task force that led to this important adoption.  "This is a significant event that we hope other states and communities will follow.  The action taken today by the California State Building Standards Commission was a unaminous decision, which demonstrates that the safety of Californians and its visitors outweigh the politics surrounding this issue", said Stan Smith, President of the Sprinkler Fitters Association of California and the USA Sprinkler Fitters Association. more

Press Release: IRC Hearings--Attack on Home Fire Sprinklers
[10/5/2009] - USA Sprinkler Fitters Association Joins forces with The Phoenix Society link

Fire Prevention Week 2009
[10/2/2009] - President Barack Obama issues a Presidential Proclamation supporting Fire Prevention Week 2009 link

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) partners with FM Global on Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Project

USA Sprinkler Fitters Association Participates in National Campus Fire Safety Capitol Hill Day
[9/20/2009] - On September 17th, 2009, students from the University of North Carolina (UNC), various city fire officials from across the United States and Canada, and organization representives from the USA Sprinkler Fitters Association, NFPA, the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI), the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), Ohio Fire Safety Coalition, Common Voices, Campus Fire Watch, and the ICC converged on Capitol Hill to voice our concerns over campus fire safety. Participates with the campaign, led by Campus Fire Watch Executive Director Ed Comeau told members of Congress of the need for stricter fire safety requirements for our university residence halls and off-campus housing.  Specifically, participants lobbied for HR 1194 (Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act), and HR 2136 (Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones College Fire Prevention Act). Our hope is that members of Congress heard us and will support this important legislation as it moves through Congress! See us in the Photo Gallery..... more

USA Sprinkler Fitters Association Sponsors the World Burn Congress in New York City
[8/31/2009] - The USA Sprinkler Fitters Association was one of several sponsors of the World Burn Congress held this year in New York City. The World Burn Congress held its 20th World Burn Congress August 26-30, 2009.  The World Burn Congress benefits both burn survivors and their families and loved-ones. The Association sent its Director of Government Relations, Randy Roxson to attend this most important event.  Randy, who also participated in last years Congress held in Raleigh, North Carolina, said "the World Burn Congress is an inspiring event that all connected to fire safety should attend."  For more information about World Burn Congress, see www.phoenix-society.org more

USA Sprinkler Fitters Association Participates with the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition in Baltimore
[8/1/2009] - On July 31, 2009, the USA Sprinkler Fitters Association's Director of Government Relations, Randy D. Roxson participated in our first meeting on the Board of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  During its July meeting in Baltimore, members, among other things honored Boardmember Jim Dalton's (NFSA) long-standing service to the Coalition.  Jim recently retired from the NFSA and the Coalition.  Jim will be surely missed by all!  See photo in the Photo Gallery..... more

USA Sprinkler Fitters Association on the Board of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition
[6/30/2009] - The USA Sprinkler Fitters Association has become a Boardmember organization on the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC).  The nonprofit HFSC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and the leading resource for independent, noncommercial information about residential fire sprinklers. The HFSC was formed in 1996 in response to the tremendous need to inform the public about the life-saving value of home fire sprinkler protecton. The HFSC has developed educational material with details about automatic home fire sprinkler systems, how they work, why they provide affordable protection and answers to common myths and misconceptions about their operation. These materials are available upon request.  You may find the HFSC at www.homefiresprinkler.org more

USA Sprinkler Fitters Association a Corporate Bronze Helmet Sponsor of the National Fallen Firefighters' Foundation
[6/1/2009] - At its Annual Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C., the USA Sprinkler Fitters Association voted to become a Bronze Helmet Corporate Sponsor of the National Fallen Firefighters' Foundation.  The Foundation was created by the United States Congress to lead a nationwide effort to remember America's fallen firefighters. Since 1992, the tax-exempt, nonprofit Foundation has developed and expanded programs to honor our fallen fire heroes and assist their families and coworkers.  We are now a proud sponsor of this important Foundation.  You too can be by clicking on www.firehero.org more

Notice: Ridgid Universal Motor Recall
[5/26/2009] - Read the attached important safety recall notice! link

USA Sprinkler Fitters Association is Newest Member of the Congressional Fire Services Institute's National Advisory Committee (NAC)
[4/14/2009] - The USA Sprinkler Fitters Association were voted on as a member of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) of the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) during it's April meeting in Washington, D.C.  The NAC convenes semiannually in Washington, D.C. to discuss federal issues that impact the interest of all first responders. When agreement is formed, the NAC can pass resolutions calling for Congress to address particular issues. Randy D. Roxson, Director of Government Relations for the USA Sprinkler Fitters Association said, "being approved as member of the NAC is exciting as membership to the NAC allows us to work along-side the finest fire service organizations in the country and assist with solutions to the various fire problems we have in our nation". link

Alaska Anti-Sprinkler Legislation Conquered
[4/14/2009] - HB 202 and SB 129, introduced in Alaska by the home builders to prevent the adoption of the IRC residential sprinkler requirement failed to get out of committee today.  It is doubtful that either bill will be taken-up before the Legislature adjourns. more

Victory! Residential Fire Sprinklers Proposal Approved Today at ICC Hearing
[9/23/2008] - Fairfax, Va., Sept. 21, 2008... A committed and united fire service joined with other public safety interests to accomplish a significant feat September 21 in the fight to save lives and property. At the International Code Council (ICC) final action hearings in Minneapolis, voting members of the ICC passed the proposal to change the International Residential Code to require residential fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family dwellings.  A strong majority - 73 percent voted - in favor of the proposal. The vote was 1,282 in favor, 470 against. link

Sprinkler Bill Veto Overridden in South Carolina

PRESS RELEASE: USA Sprinkler Fitters Association Support Residential Fire Sprinklers
[6/30/2008] - Click on the headline above to download the press release. more

Retired California State Fire Marshal Chief Randy Roxson Retained by the USA Sprinkler Fitters
[5/7/2008] - Click on the headline above to download the press release. link

Click Here to Listen to our USA Sprinkler Fitters Radio Commercial!
[10/4/2007] - The attached radio commercial is airing around the country for Fire Prevention Week! link

View the Television Commercial by the National Fire Sprinkler Fitters!
[10/4/2007] - Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Save Property, Click on the Headline Above! link

Welcome to The USA Sprinkler Fitters Website

Welcome to the website for the USA Sprinkler Fitters. Our association is committed to the advancement of the Fire Sprinkler Industry. Sprinkler systems “Save Lives and Save Property? and for this reason, EVERY home and workplace should have a professionally installed sprinkler system by an affiliated contractor of the USA Sprinkler Fitters.

Our members are professionals who complete a certified 5-Year apprenticeship training program in their region. USA Sprinkler Fitter members undergo continuous education programs throughout their career to stay current on all new technology. Our members also undergo OSHA Safety Certifications which make us the safest in the industry.

The USA Sprinkler Fitters work with our national, state, and local legislators and Fire Service personnel to procure laws to protect you. We have been instrumental in laws being passed to protect our nation’s youth in dormitories and schools. We have also been a driving force in the implantation of laws to install sprinklers in bars and night clubs.

The fact remains, it’s only when a fire kills or destroys property that we as citizens think that a sprinkler system could have been a saving factor. The USA Sprinkler Fitters are proactive in protecting the public.

Learning about sprinkler systems starts with the nation’s youth and we’re committed to protecting our children. On our site you can download coloring books and other materials for your child and we’re a staunch supporter of Fire Prevention Week. Visit our Kids Corner today for more information on these programs.

Finally, we thank you for taking the time to read more about the necessity for a sprinkler system in your home and workplace.

The USA Sprinkler Fitters encourage you to take the time to watch a short video which shows a sprinkler system in action!
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